Saturday September 17th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the mask.

We had a pretty decent market this morning, much better than what we were doing at this point last year. It's nice to see lots of people still coming out, even though it's a bit cooler and the main tourist season has ended.

We're out of here bright and early tomorrow morning, so you're in for a week of scheduled posts. See you when we get back!


They're so certain,
They don't even ask;
They think they know me,
But it's really just my mask.


Greg said...

When does the market finish for you? If it does, that is, but I think I remember it finishing sometime in autumn last year. It sounds like it's still going well at the moment though.
Have a good holiday, and I hope you don't get seasick!
Heh, I can definitely agree with the sentiment of your poem today!

The mask
It's a freeing feeling
Putting on that hockey mask;
Going round the children's houses
And attacking them with an axe.

Marc said...

Greg - we go until the last Saturday in October, which is the 29th this year. But by the end last year the frost had already hit and we only had apples - we'll see how it goes this year.

Those first two lines had me leaning in one direction; the final two threw me totally off balance :)