Tuesday September 6th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: school.

Because today was the first day back for the kids here in Canada. We, um, took the day off in their honour... or something.

Kat and I went for a hike this morning that was shortened by both the heat and the unexpected steepness of the trail. We'll definitely get back there though, as it looked like a really nice hike - just either earlier in the day or later in the year.


Children fill the halls,
displacing the ghosts who lived
here all summer long

*     *     *

Nervous new teachers
sit in their empty classrooms,
count days to Christmas


Greg said...

Hah! I'm sure the kids would be thrilled to think that as soon as they went back to school their parents took a holiday :) I look forward to hearing about the shocked looks and tantrums when you finally get yourself some school-age children!
Remember to take some pictures of the trail to share with us!
I like your second haiku better this week, I think, though the first one has a slightly eerie air to it that I like as well.

This school is angsty,
Fish fear me scuba diving –
I'm finding Nemo!


Schooled by old masters
In high culinary arts,
"Want some fries with that?"

morganna said...

Tiny feet line up
Follow Teacher in, ready
To try something new.

That's my boy, Teacher,
I know he's not yours' but care
For him anyway, please.

Marc said...

Greg - hmm, tough to pick a favorite this week. I think the final line of your second one wins it for me this time :)

Morganna - I like the scene you paint in the first one, and the emotion you convey in the second. Very nicely done!

LJ Mantzouranis said...

Flashing his white teeth
"Turn around and be quiet!"
Kevin breaks the rules

Morning announcements
Eight straight rows of lined up desks
There's a bird outside

Great topic! Thanks!