Friday September 23rd, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the poker game.

Gone cruisin'.


I studied my hand with a furrowed brow, wondering how I was going to get myself out of this latest mess. I couldn't even remember how it all started. Probably with that ill-advised drink in the backyard just after breakfast.

"Amigo," the man sitting across the table from me snapped, bringing my attention back to the present moment, "stop cleaning out your damned fingernails and place a damned bet already!"


Greg said...

Well yes, if you're drinking after breakfast you'd better be drinking for breakfast as well!
This is definitely the start to something, it really wants to be continued I think :)

The Poker Game
"Well," said Miss Snippet thoughtfully, walking beside Charles Asciugimento the Second and in front of a crocodile of children, "I had no idea there were Poker games with stakes like that."
"You just need to know where to look," said Charles. "We should get back to the ship now though, it's due to debark again in an hour and you need to work out which child will be going back to which parent."
Yes indeed, thought Miss Snippet as they walked; I do hope the parents buy the group-amnesia explanation.

Marc said...

Greg - you think so? Hmm, I shall keep it in mind then.

"... a crocodile of children..." That's brilliant :)

world of experience said...

I like this style, short, sweet wit.

Drake Davenport said...

There was a gun pointed at his forehead; no backing out now. Hank didn't know how he had gotten into this situation, but he knew precisely what was about to happen, and he wished he could have just one more day to say goodbye to his family. He laid down his cards: a full house, the winning hand against his opponent's two pairs.

This is it, Hank thought silently, my time to die.

Marc said...

World Of Experience (so tempted to shorten that to W.O.E.) - thank you very much :)

Drake - that's some poker game! I think you conveyed Hank's resignation very well.