Friday June 16th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the troubadour.

Cooler weather for most of the day again meant another fairly quiet shift for me. I'm not expecting to have another four day shift like this one until September or maybe even October.

My sister Sue and brother-in-law Jake arrived just a few minutes after I got home from work. Excited to hang out with them for the next two days, and to get their help with picking strawberries for customers who'd rather not U-Pick, for whatever reason.

Speaking of... I should get some sleep. Need to get up early again to get setup and to make sure we've got a reasonable amount of pre-picked berries for those customers looking for them.

So... good night!


"Where is my song? You promised me a song about my beloved wife."

"It is coming, sire, I assure you! It's just that... you see, I'm having a touch of trouble finding enough... appropriate words to rhyme with Queen Brit..."


Greg said...

Initially I thought you meant that you wouldn't be having any more four-day shifts, but then I realised that you meant the relative peace and quiet! I hope they're not too hectic at least :)
Have fun with the family and make then earn their keep!
Hmm, I think I'm with the songster on this one; that's a tough name to try and rhyme with when you're supposed to be singing praises... I'd probably just refer to her as "the Queen" and then try and segue into "We will rock you" I think.

The troubador
"What the hell is this and why is it in my office and where is the singer I politely requested?" The CEO's face was purple with rage and his sentences were running into each other without any pause for breath.
"It's a troubled door, Sir, we had a terrible time finding one that had been through such bad experi–"

Marc said...

Greg - hah, the thought of segueing into We will rock you made me laugh :)

A troubled door? That's effin' brilliant.