Friday June 30th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the crow's nest.

Town started getting stupid busy somewhere around mid-morning today. With Canada Day being on a Saturday this year, it's only going to be worse tomorrow. Pretty sure I'll be parking the truck at the main washrooms and then just hanging out there for most of the day. At least I'll be long gone by the time the fireworks are starting (they're being launched at the main beach, where a rather incredibly gigantic crowd will gather to watch them).

Feeling like I managed to get most of the washrooms ready for the weekend - fully stocked with toilet paper and paper towels, put in fresh garbage bags, replaced hand soap dispensers where needed, cleaned as needed. Fingers crossed I'm able to keep my head above water tomorrow.


What's that you say? Dare you speak those words to me again, boy? Them be sissy words, you understand me, and I won't be having them spoken in my direction!

What a load of malarkey, afraid of heights... I just like the view better from down here, there be nothing else to it!


Greg said...

Good luck with Canada day then! It sounds like you're prepared for it, and have plan, so all you need now is a contingency plan and you're all set! It sounds like you're not planning to take the kids to the fireworks, given the size of the crowd.
Haha, I like your narrator. I'm sure they're probably right about the view from down there too... yes, definitely sure :)

The crow's nest
"Your hair is as messy as a crow's nest, Eloise! Did you sleep in it?"
"Of course I slept it in it mom, it is my hair!"
"...are you not the daughter who had the scalp accident then, sweetie?"

Marc said...

Greg - I think my contingency plan was to set the town on fire and head home, but I can't recall this particular weekend with much clarity...

Hah, nice take on the prompt. I figured you might go with an actual crow's nest, but this is pretty close :)

And... hurray, on to July's comments!