Saturday June 24th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: a scholar and a gentleman.

Yup, fourth night of working seems to be sleepy night. I should really get my act together and start scheduling posts for those days.

Anyway. Today was a much better day than yesterday. Hot, though. And without an air conditioned office to clean at the end of my shift because it's the weekend, I was starting to suffer pretty good toward the end.

But I survived. Now to get through tomorrow morning's U-Pick (in more hot weather) and then I can hide in the shade for the next three and a half days.


The scholar sent an invitation to his seminar
On Strange Words and How They Were Defined.
The gentleman, who was terribly flattered,
Thanked him kindly and then, politely, declined.


Greg said...

I like the idea of planning the end of your shift to end in air-conditioning so you've got something to look forward to. It's a great idea. Malta is probably as hot, if not hotter, at the moment and I'm preferring to hide in the shade and A/C as much as possible as well. Kiev is about a month away now, and I'm hoping it doesn't get as hot as here!
I really like the slightly longer form you've gone with for the poem this week; the rhythm and structure of the words has really great mouthfeel (for want of a better word)! There's a syllable missing in the third line the way I read it though (and it seems to have snuck into the last line as well), but that's a minor thing compared with the beauty of the language!

A scholar and a gentleman
The third Earl of Burleigh studied maths,
And his formulas for pi were quite absurd,
So when he chose to build a motor-carriage,
Sophisticated swearing was all one heard.

Marc said...

Greg - there's kind of no choice in the matter, as we're supposed to clean the offices after they close for the day. But it works out nicely on hot days.

Love your final line :D