Monday June 26th, 2017

The exercise:

Write about: hide and seek.

Family trip to the beach this morning. Visit with friends this afternoon. BBQ salmon and potatoes for dinner.

Good day off.


"All right buddy, I've got a few minutes before work. What do you want to do?"

"Hide and seek!"

"Sure, we can play a quick game of hide and seek. I'll count and you hide, okay?"


"No? You want to count and I'll hide?"


"... then how are we going to play?"

"We're already playing, Dada."

"We are?"

"Uh huh. I already hid your car keys - now you have to seek them!"


Greg said...

Sounds like a good day off, and making good use of the summer weather too :)
Ah, that story sounds like it comes from real life. I hope you managed to find the car-keys without too much trouble! (And at least it didn't happen at the beach.)

Hide and Seek
"Gentlemen, thank-you all for gathering in the board room today. These ladies here," the President waved a casual, beringed hand to two slender, goth-dressed women sitting at the head of the table, "are forensic accountants and will be going through some of our records today to determine if there is a problem we need to address." There was a hushed muttering and people shifted a little. The president stayed smiling, but his eyes were scanning the little crowd, watching to see who was trying to hide in the centre of it. "I urge you to cooperate fully with them, and if anyone knows of any... irregularities?... that they'd like to make them - and myself - aware of now I'm sure we'd all appreciate the time-saving nature of it." Now there was a silence and looks approaching fury. "Very well. Ladies?"
"Thank-you," said the one on the left; brunette, panda-eye makeup, too many silver rings. "My name is Miss Hyde. You may call me Miss. If that makes you feel like you're back at school then so much the better."
The second woman, who had silver hair with red streaks (or possibly the other way round), a necklace of irregular jade stones and a dress so sequined that she seemed like a snake when she moved stood. "My name is Miss Sikh," she said, and her voice was so cold and distant that the bankers shivered. "I was a goddess seventy-five thousand years ago. For me, this is a career break, and a very interesting one. I do not care about your concerns, your pettiness and your mayfly-lives. What you have done shall be seen and held up to the light, and then it will be judged."
"Thank-you, ladies," said the President, his voice even and his hands trembling only slightly. "Does anyone know of anything we should take a particular interest in? No? Then you will all stay here unless myself or Miss Hyde should request your presence outside, and the investigation will begin."
"What if the goddess requests our presence?" said a voice from the middle of the crowd.
"Hastings?" The president smiled just a little cruelly. "Then she's probably hungry. Don't disappoint her."

Marc said...

Greg - thankfully it did not. Inspired by the potential of it happening in real life though...

I am quite impressed by Miss Sikh's introductory comments. And also terrified.

Great scene!