Wednesday June 21st, 2017

The exercise:

Write about: expansion.

The NHL is welcoming a new team next season, based out of Las Vegas, and they held their expansion draft this evening where the Golden Knights were able to select one player from each of the other thirty teams in order to fill out their roster.

Work today went fairly well. Hot and busy but got through it.

I know the yearlong prompt is looming once again. No promises on when, but we will get back to it before the end of the month.


"We need to get bigger."

"Bigger isn't always better."

"Bigger...? What?"

"We shouldn't be increasing the size of the company just for the sake of getting bigger."

"I don't understand a single word you're saying right now."

"I just think we should be wary of a bigger is better mentality. Sometimes a company needs to establish itself at a certain size - maybe even shrink a bit - in order to thrive later on."

"Is that right? Well then, I've got an idea that you should like."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"Let's shrink the company a bit, shall we?"

"Sure. Wait, I mean... hold on... what are y-"

"You're fired."


Greg said...

I'll have to look up this expansion draft as, on the surface, it makes no sense to me -- I assume they're not actually just taking players from other teams and keeping them? Or are American sports (I know you're Canadian but the generic term is American as in North American :) ) really that weird?
Haha, I think your story had a very appropriate ending today, for all that I think the confusion was artificial to achieve just this outcome :) That said, I also agree with you about sometimes a company needs to pull in a little and prepare for the next stage of growth without rushing into it. Wise words today :)

Breakfast is eighty eggs,
I couldn't eat that much.
Growing larger, I can't feel my legs.
Getting bigger in this hutch,
Even though I scream and beg,
Rapunzel wants me for her lunch.

[As written by Hansel, of Hansel and Gretel fame. I quite the idea, though it's not supported by the fairy-tales really, that Rapunzel ended up being the wicked witch in the forest.]

Marc said...

Greg - each team was able to protect some players (provide a list of players who could not be chosen) and the new team had to select from those that were left available. Basically they couldn't take the very best player from any one team, but this way allowed them to at least fill their roster with players who have played in the NHL. Plus they're able to sign free agents and trade and things like that. The hope is that they'll be at least somewhat competitive in their first year.

Hah, I think I quite like that idea as well. And well done with the acrostic, by the way :)