Saturday June 3rd, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: criminal minds.

Had our first thorough strawberry pick today. Managed to find 24 pounds between Kat, Max, and myself this morning. Kat's dad went through the rest this afternoon and probably got another 3 or 4 pounds.

So it begins.

Took Max to a car show here in town after lunch. He had a blast. Will share some pictures once I get them off my phone.

I will try to do that in a reasonable amount of time.


Take what you can
And give it all you got;
Steal all the money
Until you get caught


Greg said...

Are these being sold, or preserved? I think I remember you mentioned the farmers' market so I guess it's the former, but strawberry jam (and strawberry tart) are very nice too :)
Your poem today seems like a motto for embezzlers -- very striking!

Criminal minds
These criminal minds have stolen the answers
To every test I have set.
I've taught them so well, that when they reach hell
It's me that they'll meet at the gate.

Marc said...

Greg - I think that pick was preserved. And some of it eaten fresh, obviously.

I really like your third line. So much fun to read aloud :)