Saturday June 17th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: familiar faces.

Sorry about yesterday's prompt being so delayed. It seems like staying awake the night of my fourth day on at work is especially difficult.

U-Pick went pretty well today. Total sales were up from last Saturday but didn't quite reach Tuesday's numbers.

Looking forward to spending Father's Day with family tomorrow.


I don't know your name,
Probably never will.
But it's nice to see
Your smiling face still


Greg said...

Is it Father's Day already? Strange to think that we're nearly half-way through the year now! Have a great one :)
I have to disagree with your poem today: whenever I see a smiling face like that and I don't know their name they inevitably expect me to remember them....

Familiar faces
My agoraphobia insists
That I never leave these places,
So it worries me a lot
That there're no familiar faces.