Saturday June 10th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: dancing the night away.

We went up to Oliver this evening to watch Natalie's dance recital. It was quite the show, with all the dance students performing routines they've been practicing this year. We only stayed for the first half, as the whole thing was scheduled for three hours and Miles needed to get to bed.

Max didn't want to leave, so he stayed for the whole show and got a ride home with Kat's parents. He got home after ten (his bedtime is usually around eight, by the way). Once I finally got him to bed it did not take long for him to fall asleep.

The strawberry U-Pick this morning went okay. The weather was cool but didn't rain, and those customers who came seemed to enjoy themselves and appreciate the berries they picked. Unfortunately there were lots of berries that went unpicked, as I think we overdid it with warning people that the plants were just starting to produce and that it would be better to come in a week or two if they wanted to pick lots. Plus the plants are already producing more berries than we were expecting.

Ah well, lessons learned. And there will be no more low production warnings until the plants start to slow down. Hopefully Tuesday afternoon hosts a better turnout.


My feet are aching,
My legs have turned to lead...
But I'm not stopping -
You can't make me go to bed.


Greg said...

The dance recital sounds nice, and it sounds like Max enjoyed it thoroughly! How old is Natalie then? I thought she wasn't that much older than Max.
It also sounds like you're leaving the berries on the plants for Tuesday, which is a good idea -- though I suppose at some point you'll have to pick yourself because there are too many unpicked?
Your poem sounds like a fairy-tale in miniature today, which is very enjoyable to read!

Dancing the night away
Robo-lions stalk through scented avenues,
Eyes emitting fearful radiance.
Lovers flee, then find a place to tryst anew,
A neverending lethal dance.

Marc said...

Greg - Natalie is just over a year older than Max. After seeing the recital Max has become very interested in dancing himself, so next year's performance might just feature the both of them!

Yeah, the berries get overripe and rot so we tried to pick whatever went unpicked. But by the end we didn't have the manpower to do it and so people had to pick through the yucky ones to find the good ones. Hopefully next year we'll have more people coming out and we'll have to deal with that less.

More robo-lions! Love their incorporation into this prompt reply :)