Tuesday June 6th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku as written by: a prisoner.

More dead fish today, but at least they were in the water/near the shoreline where they're meant to be. Still stink like death took a poop though.

Ready for day three tomorrow. Going to be a hot one.


I didn't do it.
Can't you see? Why would I do
that to your daughter?

*     *     *

Six feet by eight feet.
I am an animal and
this is my steel cage.


Greg said...

The dead fish thing is a bit odd to be becoming a habit. I wonder if someone has had a bad fish experience in their past and is trying to take revenge on the poor aquatic creatures?
Your haiku are surpassingly grim today, though I suppose prisoners are not expected to have a lot of hope about them. Still, they make for difficult reading. I'm choosing your second haiku as my favourite (if that's really the right word) as the first one opens too many unpleasant questions.

Glass walls surround me,
Unlov'd, I seek escape from
Inside my own head

Last time they fed me
They gave me ground glass and said,
"You should just die now."

Marc said...

Greg - thanks (I think) for the kind (I think?) words on mine :)

A well crafted acrostic here that I almost missed. I think I like your first best, for its final two lines. Though I do really like the final line of your second (and the harsh tale it tells) as well.