Tuesday June 20th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the motorcycle gang.

U-Pick today went okay. I think most people have the strawberries they want now. Plus it was very hot out, so I imagine that kept a few people away. We'll do it again this Sunday (so that I can be there, as Kat's parents will be picking cherries Saturday morning and won't be able to help) and see how it goes. I suspect next Tuesday will be our last go for the season though.

Heading back to (my other) work tomorrow. Not feeling especially rested after the last four days, but hopefully it ends up being manageable.


Their arrival in
town is announced by roaring
engines and locked doors

*     *     *

Black leather, ink all
over - they're here because they
just want to make friends...


Greg said...

I guess I'll nudge you again about our monthly visit to the Dream Kingdom and hope it catches your eye :)
I think I like your second haiku better this week because of the lovely contrast between what you're describing and what they're claiming. Excellent work!

The motorcycle gang
He got the tattoos
'Cos he thought that's how you join'd.
They skinned him last night.

Police do nothing:
the Chief is a gang member.
...biggest gang in town...

Marc said...

Greg - I do try to read your responses as they come in, and save your take on the prompts until I'm able to reply to them. So it's always worth trying to remind me of things no matter how big the backlog of unattended comments :)

Oh man, that final line in your first makes me cringe. It also makes it my favorite this week, so... there you go.