Thursday June 15th, 2017

The exercise:

Write about: the hooligans.

With a strong wind blowing and dark clouds overhead, there were not a lot of people out and about at the parks and beaches today.

I don't imagine I'll have too many more days like that, so I'll take 'em when I can get 'em.


"Okay, so what's on the agenda this evening?"

"You and me and the boys, we're gonna have some pints, right?"


"Then we'll grab some food, yeah?"


"Then we'll get ourselves some more pints, right?"


"Then we'll get ourselves to the stadium for the match, am I right?"

"You're right."

"Then we'll get ourselves some more pints."

"Sure. Then what?"

"Oh, we don't need to figure that out now. It won't be up to us anyway, yeah?"

"What do you mean?"

"The beers will be making all the decisions by that point, right?"

"Oh... right, right."


Greg said...

Haha, your hooligans sound like they're going to have fun. Having spoken to some real-life hooligans though, there's usually plans for most of the way through the beers; it's only at the end that they actually get to do the talking :) However, I like the attitude (even though they're hooligans) and the general optimism there. Nice work!

Carmen sat down in the padded leather chair and looked around her. The stylist had disappeared for a moment, fetching the black cape (with silver trim) that would protect her clothes from falling hair and any chemical treatments she might request. It had been a while since she'd been tempted by a perm, but perhaps a little bit of colour would be nice....
The salon was empty apart from her; six chairs, three aside, sat in front of large mirrors, and stylists's tools were present at three of the stations. There was a till at the back, where the chairs for people waiting were, but it was locked up and turned off. On the walls above the mirrors were christmas decorations; they looked tired and dusty.
The stylist came back and draped the cape over her.
"Something for the weekend, love?" she asked. Carmen frowned.
"Isn't that what you say at the end?" she asked. "And... isn't that usually for men?"
"I figured I could say it at either end," said the stylist, chewing. "And why should men get all the good stuff?'
"But... it means. well, condoms doesn't it?" Carmen could feel herself blushing.
"Does it? Blimey! Well, we ain't got none of them love, so don't go getting yer 'opes up!"
Carmen forced a smile.
"How'd'ya wannit?"
Carmen gave her instructions, watching the stylist's face intently to make sure the woman had understood. The bovine chewing was a little worrying, but she seemed to be getting it. The scissors appeared, and Carmen tried to relax.
"I've not seen you in 'ere before, 'ave I?"
Carmen squelched a sigh. "No. Well, the name of the shop was a little offputting."
"What, 'airdressers?
"No. Hooligans. I didn't really think you were a salon if I have to be honest."
"Oh right, yeah, the owner likes the name. It says it gives us the right ambi-something."
"Oh no, I don't do drugs, me. You can see if Michelle wants any though."
"I meant, how is Hooligans the right thing for a hairdressers?"
"Oh, its 'er kids, innit? They're right little bastards, always up to stuff. They put superglue in the shampoo bottles and everyfin, innit?"
"Oh don't worry love, we've got good at 'andling their stuff now. You sit back and don't you worry. 'ave one of your Ambiens if you like."

Marc said...

Greg - thanks!

Oh my goodness I love the dialogue in this one. Cracks me right up and totally brings the scene to life. I do not think Carmen is going to like the final results though...