Friday June 9th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: in the garden after dark.

Happy blogiversary to Daily Writing Practice - it all began nine years ago today.

We're all set for our first U-Pick tomorrow. We'll be open from 9 until noon. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we get just the right amount of people showing up to collect their strawberries - not too many, not few. Just right would be lovely.

Fingers crossed.


"Hi honey, I'm home!"

"You were out there late tonight - how could you even see anything?"

"Yeah, I was just trying to get as many strawberries picked as possible for customers who can't/won't do it themselves."

"Those are cucumbers..."


Greg said...

Happy Blogoversary indeed! And... isn't it about time you got round to replying to that comment on the first post? :-P
Good luck with the U-Pick (that could be the name of your furniture removals company you know); I hope the weather is the good and the customers plentiful.
Haha, I love the confusion between strawberries and cucumbers!

In the garden after dark
In the garden of the Hofschloss, after dark, the robo-lions were let out to patrol and keep unwelcome visitors from getting too close to the Schloss itself. The sweet scent of Moonglow rose from the gardens and the King stood on the balcony, enjoying the smell and the occasional scream as a trysting couple encountered a robo-lion. He turned to his wife, who was stood a little distance away, her hands resting on the iron balustrade, and sighed a little as he noticed that she'd rusted into immobility again. Then he turned back to the garden and tried to appreciate it all the more.

Marc said...

Greg - maybe after I get caught up on the more recent comments :P

Intriguing scene. The robo-lions are a fun touch, and the reveal of the rusting wife was done perfectly.