Tuesday June 13th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the barbarian.

Work went pretty well today. No big bathroom disasters and, more importantly, no dead fish.

I missed out on all the fun at the farm this afternoon though. Kat said there was a throng of customers at opening for the U-Pick and then it was steady for pretty much the rest of the... shift? Session? Whatever you want to call it.

Basically we sold more than double what we did on Saturday.

Fingers crossed the momentum continues to build this coming Saturday.


He thinks savage thoughts.
He does savage things. He is
not my president.

*     *     *

Mama always told
me: Talk loudly and carry
a really big sword.


Greg said...

Well done with the Up-ick! In keeping with the name I think you should call them "epics" rather than shifts or sessions.
I think I like both haikus equally again this week: the use of savage in the first really appeals to me, and the second one makes me impressed by your mama!

The barbarian
He's not barbaric,
He eats his meals off the floor
To share with his dogs.

They called him Conan
He had muscles like wet string
But stank like a bear.

Marc said...

Greg - epics? Yeah, I could do that. As long as people don't confuse it with something electronic or online, ala email.

Hah, hard to choose between yours as well. Both final lines are so good... but maybe the second one for being about Conan the Barbarian.