Friday September 25th, 2009

The exercise:

Yay, it's the weekend! Finally.

Your Four Line Friday Prose topic this week: time to unwind.


While Bing Crosby dreamed of a White Christmas I watched the first toy soldier make its escape from its ribbon and gift wrap prison. Ten more followed, marching in single file to the kitchen, and I brought up the rear with a bemused expression on my sleepy face. I'll admit to being filled with curious excitement to see what they would get up to.

But as they laid siege to the liquor cabinet I thought it might be time for them to unwind.


Greg said...

Your prose has made me smile this morning, so that gets it an A-rating straight off! I can completely picture the soldiers marching across the carpet towards the cabinet. I am slightly curious as to what happened next.

Time to unwind

Giovanni clambered shakily down from the little, four-stepped step-ladder and wiped his brow. Sweat had sprung from beneath his white hair and all down his back, and pain radiated in his chest like a new-born star.
He sat down, pleased that he'd managed to wind all forty-six clocks in his workshop for another day. As his life slowly slipped away the clocks above him sighed in relief: at last there'd be time to unwind.

Marc said...

Ah, sweet success :)

So happy I could start your day off well! And I suspect what happened next would be too indecent for this blog...

Great take on the prompt, I didn't even think of clocks. Love the scene, I can picture it perfectly.