Saturday September 12th, 2009

The exercise:

Your four line poem topic this week: kids at play.


"It only looks like chaos from the outside,"
The bruised little boy came over to confide.
"That may be true," I hesitantly replied,
"But I get worried when I see you collide."


Greg said...

That's a sweet little poem, Marc. And all the rhyming sounds very natural too, which makes it all the better!

Kids at play

We needed space so we sent the kids outside,
"Go and play," we said, "go play seek and hide,"
It's been four hours now and none of them came in,
It seems we're lousy hunters and the kids are going to win.

Marc said...

Haha, that's great. It seems to me that everybody wins in that one :)

Monica Manning said...

Geez, Greg. I suddenly remember all the times my parents kicked my brother and I out of the house. Not a visual I want to have!

* * *

The age-old tradition continues to this day.
“Tea Party” is what the two of them will play.
She sat prim and proper, in her Cinderella gown.
While across from her sat Daddy… in his boa and gold crown.

Marc said...

Monica - haha, awesome.

Also: love that final line of your poem :)