Tuesday September 1st, 2009

The exercise:

September starts with Two Haiku Tuesday and a topic of: passwords.

I have a small confession. I wrote two haiku and hated them both. So I wrote two more, which are below.

I try to fight off my perfectionism, but some days it's harder than others.

Edit: woo, 450 days in a row!


My secret password
You'll never ever know...
Because I've lost it.

* * *

"Open sesame?"
Get real. This is no movie,
This is - oh, it worked.


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Here's a model word,
a real tangible word. Now:
Pass it to the left.
- - - - -
Passwords are silly.
A "random" arrangement of
letters? Ludicrous!
- - - - -
Yay for literal interpretation! And... I'm not quite sure from whence the second one came. Your guess is probably better than mine, frankly.

Greg said...

I've done that with passwords. It's so annoying, especially when customer services won't let you procede without it so you end up playing 20 questions.

I like the second one too, I'm hoping that tomorrow you tell us where your secret password led!


Knock three times, cough, sneeze,
Find logarithm of seven,
I hate your passwords.


"Black dog." "Enter, friend."
I know no-one here. Ooops, wrong
Secret Fellowship

Monica Manning said...

One of each: sappy and funny. Maybe not so funny, since I keep forgetting my pw.

forlorn and broken
locked heart denies all entry
opens now with ‘love’

* * *

three times’ a charm, right?
not when trying to log in.
damn! locked out once more.

springit said...

ahahahah oh marc i loved your open sesame one. that was fantastic.

His email holds all
his secrets from me, I try
to find his password.

Phone passwords, touch-screen,
slide fingers to form symbols
M for mike- open!

Marc said...

g2 - nice! I never even considered the literal meaning on this one.

Greg - your hope is my command.

I like both of yours, but that final line of the first one won the day :)

Monica - that was quite sappy indeed :)

And I feel the pain of your second one. It's why I no longer change my passwords on Friday. Saves me much Monday morning pain.

Springit - thanks!

I like your first one a lot and your second one too - but I hope you haven't given away an important password, haha :)