Wednesday September 16th, 2009

The exercise:

The prompt: five-o.


After over four years Kat has pretty much managed to hammer the monthly anniversary celebrations out of me. But I reckon 50 months is worth mentioning - it's a nice, big, round number, no? Some good friends of mine actually had a party to celebrate their 100 month anniversary because, "Hey, we'll never make it to 100 years - so why not?"

While I'm not going that far, I think it's still reasonable to mark the occasion with some flowers. Nice, bright yellow flowers to counteract this dreary, rainy day. And Kat can't disagree because she loves getting flowers. So I reckon it's win-win.

Anyway - happy first fifty months Kat. I look forward to the fifty year celebration.


Greg said...

Congratulations on the 50-month anniversary, but I think I'm with Kat on this one -- anniversaries are yearly occasions (it's even part of the etymology after all!). That said, celebrating the 100-month anniversary because they'll never make it to 100 years is a pretty good idea!


Thirty-seven is body heat,
It's kinda neat,
To feel you next to me, warming up my heart.

Five-o is the threshold
temperature of pain.
Not again.

You incandesce and your brilliance
consumes me and
subsumes me

And as I'm nurtured in your glow,
I think I know,
Your creative fires destroy me.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Cinquenta, Cinquenta,
Veinte más de treinta,
Diez menos de sesenta.

I'd add more to this poem,
But my poet's brain's gone home
So I'll just let well alone.
- - - - -
Congrats on the 50 months, 'Loo!

Marc said...

Greg - thanks very much :)

Jayzus. I remember thinking when I read this on Thursday at work "holy lord, if he writes like that for the poetry comp I'm getting blown out of the water."

And now that I've read it again... I should have submitted my entry before I did.

g2 - thanks!

Loved the Spanish bit, and the second stanza made me smile :)