Tuesday September 15th, 2009

The exercise:

I'm quite pleased and excited to announce that with River's Grace my 1,000 Words For Charity project is complete at last. For this year anyway.

So this week's Two Haiku Tuesday prompt is courtesy of my sister Sue: river, grace, marigold.


Marigolds blossom;
The river comes back to life -
Spring returns with grace

* * *

Oh graceful river,
The sunset on your waters
Is a merry gold


Greg said...

Three words to squeeze into a haiku? I think you might be thinking your readers are as good at this poetry business as you are... I'm not!
I like your second haiku a lot, especially the last line :)

Right, let's we what we have....

The river queen comes
Wearing a marigold dress
Haughty and graceful


Grace of the river,
Marigold and Nasturtium,
Blessings from Nature

Marc said...

Haha, I know - it's quite the challenge. I actually wrote my first one and was working on my second one before I realized I'd left out one of the words entirely!

And I think you managed just fine. I like the image of the first one and the second one is quite lovely.

Well done!