Saturday September 19th, 2009

The exercise:

Your prompt for the four line poem this week: the process.

I wrote mine Thursday afternoon - work has been fun the last few days.


This! This is how it must be done!
Okay, alright - that looks like fun...
No! No, do it this way instead!
... Keep this up and you'll wind up dead.


Monica Manning said...

I've been on vacation this week. My husband is out of town. I have the entire house to myself. What a horrible time to get writer's block!!

* * *

Seven days alone to do nothing but write,
yet I stare at the screen; wish with all my might.
A large white square is all I see,
simply mocking, goading, laughing at me.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I'm talking paperwork, I'm talking countless forms, crazed calculations, and near-impossible deadlines. I'm talking essays, a tinge of stress, and maybe some sweat'n'tears.

I'm not talking signing away your soul. I'm talking college applications.
- - - - -
Ah, senior year. Gotta love it.

Greg said...

Hmm, four-line poetry day. I guess I could post my entry for the Protagonize Autumn Poetry competition here then...

The process (Lui et Elle)

Hard and rhythmic, like a machine,
Automated processes roam this hotel,
Polishing guests and keeping things clean,
All in its place, pour lui et elle.

...ok, so maybe that isn't my entry ;-)

Marc said...

Monica - that's when you need to focus on the Practice part of the Daily Writing, me thinks :)

I do hope it's gone soon though! I really like the final line of your poem.

g2 - man, I so did not put that much effort into my applications, haha. Good luck with yours though!

Greg - ah well, if it had been I'm sure I still wouldn't be able to choose between mine and yours :)

Looking forward to reading your entry. Tomorrow, most likely. After the submission deadline has passed.