Wednesday September 2nd, 2009

The exercise:

Acquiescing to peer pressure from Greg, today we shall do some more continuations. That is, if you're up for it. I do so hope you are.

Just continue on from where the last person left off and have some fun :)


The door swung open slowly, in perfect horror-movie style. There was even the nerve-torturing squeal of rusted metal moving for the first time in years, maybe even centuries. Tommy gave me a gloating smirk before stepping through the doorway, his torch cutting murky slashes of yellow through the darkness, the motes of dust dancing like wired ravers in a strobe light. I hurried after, not wanting to be left alone. Not wanting to look like I was scared.

"Woooo weee! Do you smell that Jenny?"

How could I not? The air was so thick with the stench of something (or someone?) left to rot that you could almost reach out and touch it. Not that you'd want to.

"Are you sure we should be in here?" I asked, doing my best to not let my knocking knees drown out my words.

"Hey, the password worked, right? So we gotta be the ones meant to discover this." He sounded so confident, like any other possible explanation wasn't worth considering. Typical Tommy. "Come on, let's see what's down this hallway!"

I wish I could say that I turned back then, to leave him to his well deserved fate. But then I wouldn't be able to tell you what happened next...


Greg said...

At the end of the hallway was another door, which Tommy pushed confidently open, and then stopped. His arm fell to his side, and his face went as pale as a new snowfall.

"What is it?" I said, coming up slowly behind him. He said nothing.
"Let me see, Tommy," I said, pushing him. He stumbled forward a little, through the door, letting me see the room beyond.

There was a dark brown wool carpet on the floor, a standard lamp, lit, in one corner, a small two seater couch and two armchairs in what looked like faux leather, a small, old television that predated any I've ever seen and a sideboard with two empty candlesticks on. Oh, and there was a huge pile of treasure in front of the sideboard, and Tommy's elder brother sitting on the sofa.


Tommy's brother had disappeared three weeks ago, and Tommy had found the password in his brother's room somewhere, and now we knew what had happened to him.

"Tommy?" I said, shaking his shoulder. "Tommy, I think we need to get out of here."

Greg said...

Oops, sorry, forgot to say: Yay for continuations! And that's a great starter for us, following on neatly from your Open Sesame haiku from yesterday :)


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

My warning came too late: the door slammed behind us, sending us both to the carpeted ground. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I heard the unmistakable metalic slide and clunk of a deadbolt.
- - - - -
(It's not much, but it's made their situation worse... yay for making things worse! ^^)

Marc said...

Nicely done you two :)

I'll have to try to wrap this up in a day or two if nobody else jumps in.