Sunday September 27th, 2009

The exercise:

Alright, I've been wanting to do this one for a while.

Head over to Scriptor Senex's fantastic Words, words, words (and phrases) blog and have a scan through the archives. Now choose one word (or phrase) to use as the topic of your poem or prose today.


His name was mud

The boy with the crooked smile
And a wholesome, earthy style;
You know the one I speak of -
Far more peaceful than a dove?
His name was Mud.

He was never taught the way
To be sharing while at play.
He simply knew from the start
To act and speak from the heart -
‘Twas in his blood.

Other kids were not so kind,
Aimless anger made them blind.
Oh the hell they put him through,
Since from their warped point of view…
His name was mud.

But the boy became a man,
Trained as a monk in Japan;
Learned how to heal just by touch,
And showed the world there was much
To learn from Mud.


Greg said...

This is quite a nice idea! I like your poem, it tells quite a sweet tale.

Looking through the archives on that site, I came across coruscate which has long been a favourite word of mine. So let's see what it inspires.

She lays her fingers on the keyboard,
Her head sinks down, her shoulders raise,
Then, passionately she starts to play,
She coruscates.

In the mirror her reflection follows suit,
Sparks halo her reflected head,
And her fingers blur to bring the notes to life.
She coruscates.

I hear her play and it lifts my soul,
Somewhere high above this mundane world,
And at its apex, something breaks
And she coruscates.

Marc said...

I'll admit to never having heard that word before, but not that I have I quite like it. And you created something quite lovely from it too :)