Friday September 4th, 2009

The exercise:

T'is a long weekend 'round these parts and I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing with it. I'm hoping to get some writing done, but other than that - sleeping, eating, maybe a bit of sleep eating. That's about it.

The topic for this week's Four Line Friday Prose: slow learner.


So three weeks in and I still have a 'gir-fiancée'. It's not like I forget that I'm engaged, but it's impressive how ingrained a word can become after four years. At least I catch myself before it gets to 'girl-fiancée', or even 'girlfriancée'.

Actually, I kinda like the way that last one sounds...


Monica Manning said...

I remember those days. Of course, I had a bo-fiance. Which, being French Canadian, sounded like I had a good-looking fiance.

* * *

Sunshine ripped through the window, bored through the thin shield of eyelid. The cacophony of noise in my head played a steady rhythm, coaxed my stomach upwards with promises of freedom from my body. That’s the last time, I vowed—yet again—that I would indulge in the glorious nectar of the fermented grape.

Yeah right, I snorted.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I have no idea what possessed me to try it again. The thing never has worked, never does work, and I doubt it ever will work.

"It's clearly driving you nuts," people tell me, "why do you keep trying?"

"Because I expect something different to happen," I cheerfully explain as I fire up the haphazard collider.
- - - - -
Yay for long weekends! Perhaps this would be an opportune time to ponder, plot, and scheme what will become of Connor now that the wonderful Doc's experiment is officially operational, no?

That, or maybe have Cpt. Sandy finally fill us all in on what's recently transpired aboard The Daffodil.

Not like I'm giving you a to-do list, of course...

Greg said...

Sleep eating sounds interesting, but I kinda doubt that Kat would approve ;-) We had a long weekend last weekend, the last one of the year till Christmas now. Which means it's time to look back at what I thought I was going to do this year in January and wonder why I've done none of them...

@g2: I love the idea of the haphazard collider!

Slow learner

Dr. Septopus and Sylvestra leaned in and peered together at the monitor screen. It showed the Green Lightbulb sat at a desk with paper and pencil in front of him, and a large man stood at a blackboard and drooling.
"He looks like an armadillo," said Sylvestra pensively, "can he really be a good choice for a teacher?"
"The Green Lightbulb's a slow learner," said Dr. Septopus, "so I got him a slow teacher."

Marc said...

Monica - well that's not a bad thing at all then :)

And I do believe you're not alone in being slow to learn that lesson.

g2 - hah, that's great!

And don't worry, I've already got my own to-do list.

Greg - No more till Christmas? That's terrible - I'd organize a protest if I were you. A nice, all day, Friday sort of protest...

I should have known that would lead to some more Green Lightbulb :)