Thursday September 17th, 2009

The exercise:

We're off for one last trip to Osoyoos this weekend, but I've managed to cobble together both prompts and my takes ahead of time this go around. I'll see you on Sunday :)

Today's starter: fighter planes.


Flying back to base
On just one engine;
Leaking gas and blood
He will not mention.
Only wants to speak
Of shot down pilots,
Even as he sees
His dead wife Violet.
Goodbye on his lips
As down they're falling,
Lucky was his life -
He found his calling.


Greg said...

Have fun up there in Osyoos! Hmm, that's a good poem there, not quite your usual style either! Very sombre, and a little moving too. If this is the standard of my competition for Protagonize poetry competition I should probably just throw in the towel now! (I won't.)

Fighter planes

The castle stands atop a hill,
The airfield just below.
The Red Baron dons his flying gloves,
It's time to start this show.

He picks a plane, a fighter plane,
Twin engines and a savage gun,
They leave the ground and turn around,
For the bombing run.

There are other planes now in the air,
But only in his mind,
He jinks a little, avoids the flak,
But then he's flying blind.

A masterstroke? No, just a stroke,
He cannot see or fly,
The Baron's plane heads off the map,
A fitting way to die.

Marc said...

Damn rights you won't throw the towel in!

And yeah, I like to use this little place for experimentation. Just playing around with words, that's all this place is for.

I friggin' loved your take on the Red Baron. That was awesome :)