Tuesday September 29th, 2009

The exercise:

Your topic for your Two Haiku Tuesday this week: au naturel.


On silent tiptoes
You entered my little world
So naturally

* * *

Rain leaks from grim clouds,
Cool winds slice through summer shirts -
It's just fall's nature


Greg said...

Those are both quite sweet little haikus, I'm hard put to pick a favourite. I think, after deliberation, I'll go with the second because I like the weather :)

Au naturel

Storm-lashed autumn starts,
The weather's au naturel,
It still feels like hell.


I take my coffee
Black, no sugar, in a mug.
Just au naturel

Marc said...

I like the second one better too, though I'm not sure it's due to the weather theme :P

Haha, love the last line of your first one. The last line of your second one is quite good too!