Saturday September 26th, 2009

The exercise:

Your Four Line Poem topic this week is: elegance.

I took this picture in Osoyoos last weekend:

Kat's mom sure knows how to set a classy table.


No one has a word to say
While the violins do play
And they glide across the floor
On two legs instead of four


Annie said...

Rose petals unfurling
In the gleam of candlelight --
Scents and intents both swirling,
Heady, in the promise of tonight.

Greg said...

That is a nicely set table in your picture, it looks very inviting. The flower adds a perfect splash of colour to the otherwise clean white.

As for your poem, I like it, I can hear the waltz playing in the background as I read it.


Laid on my pillow by invisible hands,
A flower as rare as love at first sight.
Air filled with incense from far-away lands,
And you, dressed in nothing but light.

Marc said...

Ana/Annie/Hey, it's you! - that was lovely! Thanks for dropping by :)

Greg - oooh la la.

... yeah, that's all I have to say about that.


Annie said...

Yeah, I like to change my name from time to time. Keeps 'em guessing. ;)

And wow, Greg, that was awesome! Especially that last line... wow.