Friday October 16th, 2009

The exercise:

This week's Four Line Friday Prose starter is rather random... but that's never stopped me before.

So here you go: overheard on a plane.


"Hey Babe?"
"What is it now, darling?"
"Have you seen the kids recently?"
"They kept interrupting my beauty sleep so I told them to go play outside."


Salynne Wilde said...

Ha, Ha. Like it Marc!

Interesting conversations overheard while sitting on the tarmac:

“So do you think the airline has people listening to everything we say?”
“You mean like if I was to whisper the B word, the plane would end up grounded?”
“What do ya mean, the B word”?
“BOMB, you idiot”!

“So you definitely turned off the iron?”
“Yes, I think so.”
“You think so, but you’re not sure?”
“Well, if the house burns down it will mean new clothes, new furniture, new everything and I’m good with that.”

“Hi, I’m Jim, what’s your name?”
“I’m Sarah.”
“Single, Married, Divorced, on business, or looking to have a little fun?”
“Married, going to visit family, 4 months pregnant and throwing up all the time.”

Greg said...

Hehe, yours is good Eloo, but Salynne's are better! I never overhear things like that when I'm travelling, I seem to get all the silent, miserable types.

RyanAir, one of the budget airlines in the UK (and who I absolutely refuse to fly with because of their horrific policies) are planning on charging passengers to use the toilets on the plane, and to have them deliver their hold-luggage to the plane to cut costs even further. So...

Overheard on a plane

"This is a really very cheap flight, dear, how did you manage it?"
"Well, there's a lemonade bottle under your seat if you need the toilet, and I've packed some sandwiches if you get hungry in the next twelve hours."
"Right, and where have you hidden the kids?"
"In the hold, with the rest of the luggage."

TAMmommy said...

I've only flown on two different occassions in my life, and both of those LONG before all the recent changes in what you can and can't care on and all I am not sure I can manage anything...but I'll give it a go...

"Do you want to sit by the aisle or the window?" he asked.
"The window, I get a little car sick sometimes" she replied.
"This is a plane, you won't get car sick" he said a little annoyed.
"I can just open the window if I feel quesy" she said, quite serious.

Marc said...

Salynne - thanks :)

Your last one in particular is fantastic!

Greg - I'd be hurt, but you're obviously right so I can't be :P

Charging to use the loo on a plane? That's criminal.

Although, from your contribution, I suppose there are some people who thrive under such budgetary restrictions...

Tam - the first time I was on a plane (and old enough to be aware of what was going on) was in university. I remember waiting for the plane to take off and not looking forward to the landing... and then I ended up disliking the take off more.

Anyway, that last line really does sound like something someone would say on a plane, so well done :)