Friday October 30th, 2009

The exercise:

Your Friday Four Line Prose starter this week: anticipation.

I cannot wait for November to arrive.


I have inspected the bars of this cage so often, so carefully, that I can see their every blemish with my eyes closed. I have tested them, over and over, seeking out a weakness, a crack that could be turned into a break, into freedom.

And I have found one at last - but still I wait.

Soon... soon the time will be right and then I shall be unleashed upon the world.


Jackrs said...

huh, that last line brought such a clear image of Released to the World. you weren't around on Protag when that was being written, were you?

Marc said...

No, but I'm about to page mark it for future reading :)

Jackrs said...

future reading meaning things to read in December? hahah.

Greg said...

I wonder if the world is ready for you to be unleashed on it...? ;-) Merry Samhain, or whatever the appropriate Hallowe'en greeting is! And good look with NaNoWriMo, though I'm sure all you'll need is enough time to produce your two thousand words a day.


Dr. Septopus tingled all over as he stood back from the Frankenstein mish-mash of sewn together body parts on the steel table. Was this what it felt like when you were about to bring something to life? Was this tingling sensation the recognition that he'd achieved something heroic? Ah, no, he realised as his tentacles went numb: this tingling was what it felt like when you'd accidently injected yourself with the curare meant for your monster....

Marc said...

Jack - yes :)

Greg - we'll see. I'll be keeping a running tally of my word count here, so the risk of public humiliation should keep me going for a while.

Poor Dr. Septopus :)