Sunday October 18th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's prompt comes courtesy of Greg: the pigeon vigil.


Six pigeons sat waiting patiently
On the swaying telephone wire;
As the wind picked up, and lightning struck,
They thought not of electrical fire,
But only of their friend.

Raindrops slipped from the glum clouds above
And quickly drenched their pretty feathers;
But still they sat, ignoring house cats,
As though they were kept there by tethers,
Instead of loyalty.

At last their patience paid dividends
When the black car returned to its place;
The birds took flight, with all of their might,
And dropped bombs on the murderer's face,
While crying tears of love.


Greg said...

Nice, you've really made this one work! I like the idea that the pigeons were keeping vigil for the murderer of their friend (and glad that London pigeons don't do that, or they'd be forever dive-bombing the traffic!).
Their revenge is nicely done too :)

The Pigeon Vigil

Dark shapes wheel across a lightening sky,
Birds taken flight
After taking fright,
But still retaining a symmetry,
A pattern focused at a common point,
Hyperbolic curves described in
Parabolic arcs.
They watch and wait, ten thousand
Beady eyes that will herald
The coming of the Pigeon King.

Marc said...

Well that last line of yours just takes things to a whole new sinister level. I like it!

Glad you enjoyed mine too :)