Tuesday October 13th, 2009

The exercise:

The topic for Two Haiku Tuesday: downtown is on fire.

Inspiration: well it certainly looked that way this morning - black smoke billowing up from what appeared to be the heart of downtown Vancouver, at least from my office building in Burnaby. Turns out, it was just a few very pricey boats going up in flames.

Which, I suppose, would have also made a good prompt. Perhaps another time.


Skyscrapers spit flames
From mouths lined with jagged glass;
Black smoke becomes sky

* * *

"Downtown is on fire!"
"I don't care, Bob - I still need
That report by noon."


Greg said...

Wow, that sounds like some excitement for the day! Probably a good job it was a couple of boats rather than downtown that burned up though.

Your first haiku is very elegant, but on the whole I prefer the humour of the second one I think :)

Downtown is on fire

Smoke haze in Autumn
No barbecue smells so rank
Downtown is on fire


Not enough fire crew
A building burns to ashes
Lives and jobs are lost

Marc said...

Aye, I'll admit to being relieved when the local news website updated with the actual story. It was definitely a worrying sight.

Hmm... I think I shall have to pick your first as my favorite. And not just to be different!

Perish the thought.

TAMmommy said...

Everything is gone
Fighting back the tears to cry
Downtown is on fire.

The whole town will go
Nothing left now to reach for
Downtown is on fire

Okay...so you know that Haiku's are probably my worst wirting promts! I usually won't even attempt them, but since i am finally feeling somewhat better (the girls got sick and decided they had to share it with me) I am on the computer, and decided I would try, if only a few days late!

Thanks for the comments on my writing! I look forward to haring what people here have to say!

Marc said...

Oh, I used to be terrible at them. But I heard something, sometime, about practice making something or other...

Anywho, no problem for the comments! It's always a pleasure to read your work :)

Speaking of which, I quite enjoyed your haiku, so well done.