Thursday October 22nd, 2009

The exercise:

Today's prompt: public speaking.

The inspiration: it's a long and complicated story. Let's just say I was disappointed by someone at work this morning and I needed some writing therapy.


The words come slipping,
Slithering out of your mouth;
I see nodding heads,
While my respect for you goes south.
I don't understand
What your reasons are for lying;
But what you're selling,
I sure as hell ain't buying.


Anonymous said...

No editing? I really want to do your daily exercise :')
But I will be editing mine because I have a lot of problems with verb tense xD

Marc said...

Well, I suppose a *little* bit of editing is okay :)

But don't worry about getting it perfect - we're all just practicing here!

Greg said...

Ah, at last, I can see today's post again! Blogger was playing up earlier, most vexing.

I'm intrigued by your poem, it hints at some real annoyance behind this story. I hope you don't have to suffer the culprit too much for the rest of the week?
The poem's very good though. Was writing it cathartic?

Public Speaking

The light is too bright,
Too hot.
It burns my eyes
And the words I had memorised
Slip from my mind
Like ink falling through my fingers.
Faces expectant
That I will be eloquent
Are laid out before me
Like millions of words on a page.
This is not what I wanted to do,
Public speaking is just not my thing,
So if you'll excuse me, I will just go
By the way, the building is burning!

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I was getting some random error message last night as well. Glad it's fixed now - it always gives me a little heart attack when I can't access the blog - I don't have much of this stuff backed up.

Yes, writing it felt very good. And... I was probably over-reacting to the situation.

"Faces expectant
That I will be eloquent
Are laid out before me
Like millions of words on a page."

My favorite bit :)