Tuesday October 27th, 2009

The exercise:

Your Two Haiku Tuesday topic today: the wild west.

I think my Dad will get a kick out of this, as he's a pretty big fan of westerns.


Meet you at high noon?
I don't think so, my good man -
I can't stand the heat!

* * *

How was the West won?
Not by handshakes or kind words,
But by men like me.


Greg said...

I'll be checking out your new chapter to your wild west story later on today, and will be able to spend some time on Tagged tomorrow :)

Great little haikus, though I'm not sure they have quite the same punch as last weeks. That said, I've found this quite a tricky topic to write a haiku about -- perhaps east and west don't meet so easily?

The wild west

Tumbleweed rolls by
The bones of a man and horse
The West can be harsh


At O.K Corral
I met you for a showdown
The better man wins

Marc said...

Woo hoo, Tagged!

And yes, western haiku are surprising difficult to write.

I liked your first one though, very muchly.