Thursday October 29th, 2009

The exercise:

The prompt today: the coming storm.

With just a couple days left before NaNoWriMo begins, it has been occupying a lot of brain space lately.


This surging wave of words
Will not drag me under;
But how much will it hurt,
I can't help but wonder.
How long will the scars last?
How different will I be?
But only time will tell,
So I'll just wait and see.

I hope that when I reach
That distant other side,
I can look back and feel
Completely satisfied.
So here's to the journey
Thousands are set to make:
May we all bravely meet
These waves about to break.


Greg said...

How much planning are you doing before NaNoWriMo starts then? I can see how it would occupy your thoughts, it must be quite exciting. The poem's great, a neat, compact expression of the apprehension and expectations riding on such a thing! The idea of a surging wave of words is a lovely one :)

The coming storm

It's so quiet.
Though high above the clouds
Are scudding through the air,
Racing each other to hide the sky,
Here there's not a breath of wind.
Everything is stifling,
Stagnant like a long forgotten lake
Where algae now has bloomed
And killed the fish:
Red tide.

It's so quiet.
Expectation lingers, a single finger
running patiently along the mantlepiece,
Waiting for the dust to fall
So she can tell you can she always knew
That it would come to this.
She smiles: it's unlovely, just like
A red tide.

It's so quiet.
And then the first raindrop falls.

Marc said...

Well, I've got a setting and my two main characters sorted out. I've jotted a few details and points to cover, but other than that... I start writing Sunday and see what happens :)

I like the image of clouds racing each other to hide the sky.

I like the rather unsettling tone you've set as well. Nice.

Anonymous said...


I woke up this morning,
All aching like mad.
It usually takes twelve hours
For a storm to hit land.

The day started humid,
Close, not fine.
Later Sol burned
And clear skies were mine.

Tonight clouds gathered
The sunset looked good.
Lightning weathered
At the window I stood.

A flash appeared
Around my bed,
Loud thunder cracked
Around my head.

It's true, I'm believing
It all came inside -
That thunder and lightning,
Out loud I cried.

The rain is now pelting
Outside my window.
This storm will be fleeting
That I do know.