Thursday October 1st, 2009

The exercise:

Welcome to October or, as I like to call it, Birthday Month.

I'm in the mood for some picture captions today. So give me what you got for this:


"Dude... did someone say 'pizza'?"

* * *

This picture was taken shortly before the photographer's tragic, incredibly violent death. Police are still searching for the killer lion cub.

* * *

"Don't tell me it ain't my nap time. If I say it's nap time, it's nap time. Got it?"


Greg said...

That's quite a cute picture! I think I like your third caption best, but they're all pretty good.

Let's see what we have then:

"So here at the zoo I get bed and board? Cool. Wait, what do you mean, daily enema...?"


The Zen master stared into the mirror and sighed. Enlightenment shouldn't mean changing shape....


"I think it wants to play too!" whispered Joan.
"It's far too small to use as a croquet hoop," I said firmly, "it'll have to wait till it's bigger/"

Marc said...

I liked your second one, but the third made me laugh :)