Sunday October 25th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's starter: the camera.


Well. Then. Holy crap.

See that? That's the last picture I'll ever be taking with my old camera. The one I bought, second hand mind you, just about five years ago. The one that's been threatening to break down entirely for over a year now.

What's in the picture is the Canon PowerShot G10, better known as Marc's New Shiny.

Thanks to the efforts of my good friend Amy and my lovely fiancee Kat, basically all my friends and family chipped in to buy me that for my birthday present this year. Thanks doesn't really cut it, but... thank you anyway.

I can't wait to start taking pictures with it. But first I need to get a new memory card, since my old one (256 megs hahahaha... sigh) doesn't fit in the New Shiny. I just have to decide whether to get a 2 or 4 gig (hahahahah... wow) card.

Which I shall be picking up tomorrow, on my actual birthday, since I'm taking the day off :)


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Your "New Shiny"? It's a fine-looking camera, I'll say that, but really? Your "New Shiny"? That just amuses me to no end.

Camera as a promt, eh? Well, perfect timing, too:
- - - - -
My mother got a new camera recently, which means I get the old one. Her new camera is a great deal larger than her old one, but it has an incredible zoom. 12x, or something like that. However you want to put it, it's excellent. The thing I find most amusing about that fact is that the lens is so huge I've taken to calling the thing The Cyclopes. We wanted to name it something in reference to the cyclopes in Greek mythology, but none of them were pleasant so none of them have very pleasant names.

She got a new camera in the first place because of our upcoming trip. The one we've been anticipating for well over a year. The one I went and found my next year's teachers last year to tell them I'd be leaving. The one for which we'll be departing on Tuesday.

Yes, the one through Fatima, Portugal; several parts of northern and central Spain; and Lourdes, France. So excited. And, because of the shutter-happy nature of the maternal side of my family, there will be a multitude of pictures to show everyone upon our return.

Not having to do with cameras, but in relation to this trip: the priest leading the trip is from Spain himself, and because we'll be spending so much time in Spain my mother has "threatened" me: unless I'm talking with someone in our group, excepting the priest, if I won't talk to people in Spanish, she will.

This sets me shuddering. This is coming from the one who, when she attempted to recite the days of the week, said "Monday, Tuesday, 14."

Anyway, yes. A multitude of pictures are expected. So psyched.

Greg said...

Nice camera! Mine's getting on a little now, I think I bought it about three years ago: Canon 350D. Nice little beast though, and very reliable.

And Marc's New Shiny made me smile and nod in acknowledgement; what else could it be called, after all!

The Camera

Here in the Panopticon, the camera is king,
Always on and watching us, recording everything,
The lights are bright, the shadows lost,
Life like this must have its cost,
Omnivigilance causes suffering.

Greg said...

I make it Monday your time now: Happy Birthday!

Oh, and congrats on your restoration to the number 1 spot on Protagonize -- is removing self-rating Nick's idea of a birthday gift to you? ;-)


Marc said...

g2 - no other name will do :)

Your trip sounds awesome. Have a blast, be safe, and come back and share your stories and pictures :D

Greg - see? No other name will do.

I like your poem - jaunty in tone, grim in message.

Thanks for the b-day wishes and... haha, I was going to tell Nick he was a day early, but then I thought better of it :P

Welcome back to the top 5 though :)