Friday October 23rd, 2009

The exercise:

Your Four Line Friday Prose prompt this week: the disappearing city.

In honor of the fog that swallowed Vancouver this morning - I could barely see the buildings two blocks away from my office window.

Reminder: four lines of prose only!

(Like I actually care if you break my "rules")


Tyson's first words were surprisingly clear, given his activities of the last three hours. Which, though he certainly wouldn't be able to tell you this, involved drinking his body weight in whiskey.

But as he stumbled down the street, looking back over his shoulder at the vanishing pavement that hounded his steps, there was one thing that he knew beyond any shadow of doubt.

"That's not right."


Greg said...

Isn't Autumn a wonderful time of year? When I lived in Germany, my best friend's flat was on the eight floor, and from it we could see across to the nearest valleys, and on autumn mornings you could see the top of the fog sitting in the valley :)

The disappearing city (contd from Marc's post):

Someone off to his left screamed, a thin, ghostly shriek that cut off abruptly.
"Definitely not right," said Tyson, the alcoholic haze disappearing like tears beneath the flame of a blowtorch. He picked up his feet and the pace, noticing as he did that the pavement sounded hollow as he hurried.
He slowed again as he reached Christmas Square, where barricades were being erected against the flow of incoming people.

Marc said...

I'm actually very fond of fog, as long as I don't have to drive in it. When I was in university up in Prince George, we had quite a few winter days up on the hill where the fog was so thick you could barely see five feet in front of you. I loved going for walks in that :)

Oh, I do love a good continuation! Nicely done, I really like the tears/blowtorch line :D