Tuesday October 20th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's.... aw, man. I just thought of a much better prompt. But I already wrote my haiku at work so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I know it's not nearly as hilarious as I currently think it is, but it's coming around tomorrow anyway.

Er, righto. Sorry about that. Today's prompt for your Two Haiku Tuesday: the crown.


It glitters like gold.
It certainly looks quite old.
But it's fake? How bold!

* * *

Gold and silver teeth;
Suddenly the crown jewels
Are all in my mouth


Greg said...

Hehe, so you're building anticipation for your 500th consecutive day of posting to this blog then? Cool, good idea! (And an early congratulations on the 500th post, too.)

Your first haiku is quite cheerful, which is a nice counterpoint to the slightly more somber tones of the second one, I think.

The Crown

Formed from Laurel leaves,
This crown proclaims a victor:
Wear it now with pride


Poor Jack broke his crown
Fetching water from a hill.
His corpse lies there still.

Marc said...

Thanks Greg!

I think you already know that I like your second one best... but I'll confirm it anyway :)