Saturday October 31st, 2009

The exercise:

Your four line poem prompt this week: death goes trick-or-treating.

I think a lot can be done with this one, so if you come up with something longer than four lines just go with it. I promise not to yell at you :)

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. Let's do this!


I'm not here for the candy,
So please put away your bowl;
Don't compliment my costume,
I'm only here for your soul.


Greg said...

I shall look forward to seeing how NaNoWriMo goes for you! As I suspected, I'm being sent off to various places this month for work, so I would have found it very hard to make it work.

Death goes trick-or-treating

Death's not scary
When trick-or-treating
A dentist, however
Can stop my heart beating

I shall have a think about the topic some more though, and if I come up with anything better I'll either add another comment or provide a link to wherever I put it :)

Monica Manning said...

I did take advantage of your allowance and wrote eight lines. What did you expect?

Wonderful piece Marc. Visions of Monty Python ("A Mr. Death is here about the Reaping!")

And I liked yours too, Greg, although I think that Halloween is probably a Dentist's dream. Hey! That rhymes!

Five and a half bags of candy,
And even some money, to boot.
I wonder why they were frightened.
I did wear a bunny suit.

What do you mean it's still scary?
How can that possibly fit?
Oh, I see what you mean ...
the scythe doesn't go with it.

Marc said...

Greg - well that was a fine, four lined effort regardless :)

Monica - haha, that last line just wraps things up perfectly. And go you for writing 8 lines! :D