Sunday November 1st, 2009

The exercise:

Welcome to November. Should be a good one :)

Your prompt for this lovely fall day in Vancouver: laughing all the way.

NaNoWriMo Novel Word Count To Date: 2,309
NaNoWrimo Novel Target To Date: 1,667

I'm not done writing yet, but it's nice to know I've passed the 'bare minimum' point already. Edit: okay, I'm done for the day, total has been updated.

I think, in order to keep it accurate, I'll make updating each day's post with my word count for that day my End Of Writing For The Day ritual.

Because if I want to get any sleep this month I'll probably need one.


Kat and I just got back from a laughter yoga class. Never been? Or, worse yet, never even heard of it?

You're missing out.

Just imagine a small yoga studio full of people relaxing, letting their joy out and sharing it with each other. Let me tell you: laughing for the better part of an hour is not only great for your health, it's fantastic for your soul.

Anyway, it was a great little break from writing and now I'm ready to get back at it. But first, dinner.


Monica Manning said...

Congratulations on your success so far with NaNoWriMo!

The laughing yoga class looks like fun. I've always believed that laughter is very cathartic.

I was feeling 'mushy' today (it is a full moon). We recently celebrated our eight-year anniversary. The Husband makes me laugh every day.

Laughing all the way

Eight years ago we stood
face to face
and promised to cherish and love.

Eight years ago we stood
hand in hand
before friends and God above.

Eight years later we're still
face to face
and cherish our love every day.

Eight years later we're still
hand in hand
and laughing all the way.

Marc said...

Thanks Monica :)

And that's a wonderfully sweet poem, I hope you've shared it with him.

Congrats on 8 years!

Greg said...

Congratulations on having reached nearly two and a half thousand words already! Keep this up and you'll have reached the 50,000 word target in just twenty days :)

The laughter yoga sounds intriguing, certainly better than that yoga (Bikram?) done in ridiculously hot rooms. That said, the few times I've tried yoga I've not found a teacher I felt I could trust.

Laughing all the way

"Ho ho ho!" yelled the Green Lightbulb as the rocket sleigh sloughed to one side. He wrenched hard on the steering wheel and hit the side-thrusters and the sleigh lurched in the opposite direction, though his face remained turned against it for a few seconds longer.
Watching from the safety of the audio-visual lounge, Dr. Septopus and Silvestra were silent. Finally, as the sleigh briefly orbited the large steel sculpture in front of the town hall and a note of terror entered the Green Lightbulb's "Ho ho ho", Dr. Septopus pressed the mute button.
"What?" murmured Silvestra.
"He wants to be Santa Claus this year. A green, leprotic Santa."
"Well yes, obviously. But what's with the erratic steering?"
"It's his nose remember? The magnets are powerful enough to pull the sleigh off course, so he needs the rockets to compensate...."
"That's going to be a spectacular crash when it happens."
"But he'll be laughing all the way."

morganna said...

He never stopped laughing. Everything was a joke. This irritated some people, amused others. Even when his wife died, he laughed instead of crying. No one understood that. But what they didn't know was that he had achieved Buddha nature, and saw clearly where the rest of us are blind. What he saw was that everything depends on another, and nothing can ever stay the same. So he was laughing all the way.

Marc said...

Greg - I'm just hoping to build a bit of a lead at the start, in case floundering occurs later on :)

And Kat is currently training to be a yoga teacher, I promise you would trust her!

The Green Lightbulb as Santa? Now that's a terrifying thought.

Morganna - ah, the elusive Buddha nature. A worthy goal, to be certain.

Thanks for sharing that, I quite enjoyed it.