Tuesday November 3rd, 2009

The exercise:

Around these parts this inauspicious day of the week means just one thing: it's time for Two Haiku Tuesday.

Your haiku prompt today: flu shot.

What can I say? I had some things to get off my chest.

NaNo Count: 7,121 (done for the day)
NaNo Target: 5,001


Rushed vaccination
Gives me much greater concerns
Than this dreaded flu

* * *

All of this money
To stop a flu? What about...
Ending poverty?


Greg said...

Heh, that made me smile (which is quite impressive at 05:15), that's a great little post today. On the whole I prefer your first haiku, probably because there's a deep, unpleasant truth to the second.

Referring back to yesterday's comments, using this as a warm up for the novel writing is a clever trick! And I'm glad you liked yesterday's poem; I think all houses could use a breathing room.

Flu shot

My influenza
Doesn't care that you're immune:
It still tries to kill.


This disease is back
I wish I'd had a flu shot
I cough mis'rably

And a bonus four-line starter for you that I've had hanging around for years that describes the feeling of generally being ill:

In the room where dark and light
Cannot be distinguished
The softest touch persuades the fevered brow
That heat must be extinguished.

Marc said...

I agree completely - I'll have to make sure our next house comes with a designated breathing room. I think I shall print out your poem and pin it on its wall :)

Ooh, two haiku and a bonus poem! Wonderful stuff :D

morganna said...

Only managed one haiku.

They say it won't make
You sick -- they were wrong and I
Was sick for a week.

Marc said...

Morganna - well one is certainly better than none!

And your haiku pretty much sums up how I feel about the flu shot in general. That's why I've never gotten one.