Saturday November 7th, 2009

The exercise:

I'm writing this first thing in the morning as my warm up for the novel writing I'm about to get to, so I've got no new thoughts to share on that front. I can almost hear your sighs of relief.

Anywise, your four line poem topic this week: the inner editor.

NaNo Word Count: 15,211
NaNo Target: 11,668


Everything you write is wrong!
You really call that a song?
All your words will be ignored,
Since they've all been read before.


Greg said...

Good luck with the writing today! Hope that you find a new direction to fit with that surprise that your characters threw you the other day.

The inner editor

I keep my inner editor locked within my heart,
And never ever listen when he tries to start
Stamping down the words I write; he hasn't got a clue,
He's never written anything, he wouldn't know what to do.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I look to my inner editor for direction,
hoping it catches each indisgression,
But when I come up to its door
a sign says "Out 'til Twelve past Four."
- - - - -
So I'm a bit rusty coming off an eight hour plane trip preceded by eleven days going 'round Europe. I think that's a legit excuse!

Marc said...

Greg - I actually developed a clearer idea of what to do with it when I was telling Kat about it, so I think I'm on top of things.

I love the last line of your poem :)

g2 - welcome back!

And I think that was a fine effort under any circumstance, so it's doubly so in yours :D