Sunday November 8th, 2009

The exercise:

It appears that I'm getting a cold. Consider me suitably unimpressed.

I generally get about one a year and always, always at a bad time. I know there's never a good time, but still.

Anyway, your prompt for the day: thieves' oil.

I'm not saying this stuff works or it doesn't; I just like the story and idea behind it.

NaNo Word Count: 17,277
NaNo Target: 13,335


Stealing from the dead
Is a dangerous game;
Knowing what's been said,
I do it all the same.
Nobody gets hurt,
It's a victimless crime;
If I steal your shirt
Then you've run out of time.

Oils are essential
To keeping safe from harm.
There's gold potential
When people buy the farm.
I rub myself down
With this protective mix,
Then I hit the town,
Before bodies sink six.


Greg said...

The thieves' oil sounds interesting, and seems quite healthy on the face of it. Let's hope it works for you (I've already seen tomorrow's post, so I know you're not feeling your best right now!)

The poem's good, nice rhythm and tempo, if just a little bleak here and there ("if I steal your shirt then you've run out of time...")

Thieves' Oil

Created as a warding
For people
Who should come with a warning,
This aromatic compound
Defeats the best that Mother Nature
Can compose.
So far.
A single drop
Rubbed on my chest
And I hope for the best
Though I know that my lifestyle
Must lead me through many dark
And dangerous paths.

Marc said...

I really like your opening three lines :)

Thanks for going back and doing this one - I'm glad you had the time!