Thursday November 19th, 2009

The exercise:

Today I had a less 'work productive' day and a more 'writing productive' day at work. So I'm all done for the night.

NaNo Word Count: 39,350
NaNo Target: 31,669

Your prompt for this dreary and rainy Thursday in Vancouver: spider webs.


Sitting in his spider web,
Waiting to get spider fed,
He lets his prey come to him.

But he is a little dim,
For instead of hidden silk,
He's made his web out of milk.


Greg said...

Hehe, sadly I had the opposite, more work productive and less writing productive. Still, you're almost 80% of the way there now!

That's a cute little poem, and a neat take on the starter. I've read it a couple of times now, and I think that the last line seems just a little bit long -- does it sound better if you swap "out of" for "from"?

Spider webs

Soft cobwebs touch my face and cling,
Wreathing me like ancient smoke,
Tender as a ghostly lover
And quite unlike the spider I just woke.

Eight red eyes glare with hatred
Gazing from the darkness of the tomb,
A huge and hairy body skitters forth,
Emerging like an evil foetus from the womb.

I edge away, scared for my very life,
Knowing that the web must be nearby.
This spider has an ancient hunger
That it think I can satisfy.

Mulled Vine said...

She found her daughter weeping in her room, and asked "What's the matter, dear?"
"Oh mummy," sobbed her daughter, "I just hate it ... sniff ... just being a spider."
Her mother looked at her with one of her eyes, her other seven focusing on the webwork and wrapping her latest catch: "But you're not just a spider, Missy; you're an air-breathing chelicerate arthropod of the class Arachinida, order Araneae."
Missy brightened visibily, wiping away the tears from her eyes, "I am?"
"Definitely, one of a kind!" her mother replied, "Now hush up and finish eating that fly."

Marc said...

Greg - that final line in your first stanza is awesome :)

Mulled Vine - haha, cute :D