Wednesday November 18th, 2009

The exercise:

Both work and technology conspired against me today, so I have some writing left to do tonight.

NaNo Word Count: 37,057
NaNo Target: 30,002

Your prompt du jour: apocalypse came walking down the street.

Just an odd phrase that popped into my head this morning.


The earth shook beneath his feet as Apocalypse walked down the middle of Main Street. Cars honked their horns like bleating sheep before their drivers beat hasty retreats. On the seventh floor I took a seat and watched with glee as he destroyed the toys of the terrified elite.

I sipped a martini and cheered him on, a mighty king controlled by a mere pawn. Oh, they had laughed and yawned when I proposed the project I codenamed Brawn. Now they all had blood stained lawns and they would still be running until the dawn!

I reached for the phone and made the call, satisfied now that he had crushed the stupid mall. I told the president to be a doll - just pay up or Apocalypse will destroy it all.

Now I own this island, its people are my slaves, and Apocalypse makes sure they all behave.


Greg said...

My excuse for not doing enough writing is more prosaic: I was at the cinema watching 2012. It's a bit long, but otherwise its fun. It has enormous flaws, but the special effects compensate well :)

Heh, your Apocalypse sounds like a lot of fun! I like your occasional take on a poem where you create rhyming prose instead.

Apocalypse came walking down the street

"..and then Apocalypse came walking down the street!" said the little man with the waxed moustache, bouncing up and down in his seat with either excitement or terror. Judging by the suspicious spreading stain on his pants, it was the latter. Dr. Septopus frowned.
"Which Apocalypse?" he said, clacking his beak thoughtfully.
"What do you mean, which Apocalypse?" said the the little man. He had a shrill voice and his ankles were manacled to the chair legs to stop him running away.
"Well, is he crocodile-headed?"
"That's Acrocalypse," said Sylvestra. "He and Apocalypse were created in the same freak accident at the zoo, but he got a couple of other animals caught up in the explosion. He's currently terrorising the Nile. The Kalahari Calamari battles him sometimes when the TV cameras are after a news story."
"Well then, does he have a song and dance routine?"
"That's Apocalypso," said Sylvestra immediately. "He's not really a super villain, and hangs out in Notting Hill these days. He only really shows up for the carnival."
"Oh. Well, does he fall over and start screaming every three or four steps?"
"That's Apocollapse," said Sylvestra. There was a suspicious papery rustle. "She's got brittle bones as part of her superpowers and they don't support her weight very well."
"How do you know all this?" demanded Dr. Septopus turning round to face her. She held up a book.
"Who's Who for Superheroes and Supervillains," she said. "Came out a few days ago, much more reliable than Wikipedia."
"Are we in there?"
"You get..." she turned the pages, "two and half pages... hmm, it says here you used to have twelve legs?"
"How many pages do you get?" said Dr. Septopus quickly.
"Umm... two and a half as well."
"And the Green Lightbulb?"
More rustling, and then a pause. Then, "Sixteen pages."
"Six of them are given over to his unfortunate malapropisms, but even so, I agree."
The little man squirmed again, and looked up at them. "How about Apocalpyse, though?"
"Which one?" said Dr. Septopus again.

Marc said...

Aye, it occurred to me today that I hadn't done rhyming prose in a while. Plus there's this annoying part of me that has a need to prove I can still write prose on here, not just poetry, despite NaNo.

I can tell you had a lot of fun writing yours, which just makes it all the more enjoyable to read :)

I think Apocalypso was my favorite.

Mulled Vine said...

Apocalypse came walking down the street, sending before her waves of terrified, screaming humanity. She had come to end the world as instructed, as foretold by the great Seers and Prophets of old. Humankind had been warned, and now it was time for the Final Reckoning.

But first she just had to find that MacDonald's Drive Thru.

morganna said...

I glanced out the window and saw the end of our lives coming towards us. She turned down the driveway towards the house. I sprinted through the house yelling, "Grandma, Mom's in the yard." Grandma came out of the kitchen and caught me in her arms. "It's alright, honey, I have legal custody now." The doorbell rang.

Marc said...

Mulled Vine - thanks for stopping by! And great final line, I'll admit to not seeing that one coming at all :D

Morganna - oh, I wouldn't mind seeing that one continued! Nicely done :)