Friday November 27th, 2009

The exercise:

I might do some more writing tonight, but I doubt it. So I'll just put up the number now. Story should be finished some time on Sunday.

NaNo Word Count: 52,774
NaNo Tar - It doesn't matter what the NaNo Target is!

Your prompt for this week's Four Line Friday Prose: security breach.

I was feeling silly this morning.


"I don't reckon she's much of a threat, d'you?"

"I dunno, Robbie - Pa said not to let anyone or anything come in."

"Oh, don't be a danged fool, Ricky; you just go right on through, missy."

And so Roberta, their trusted milk cow of nearly ten years, was allowed passage, and the explosive device strapped securely to her belly ticked happily away.


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Cripes, 'Loo. When you said silly you weren't kidding. Perhaps the giddiness of shattering the NaNo target is getting to you?
- - - - -
"You mean to tell me that you not only listened in on conversations containing classified information, but you also recorded and transcribed them?"

It was all she could do to keep her voice from completely shattering as she replied, "They're in a dead shorthand, it's not like anybody can read them!"

"And yet you send them with a specific outgoing cargo load? There's a reason for that, I know it, and you're going to tell me."
- - - - -
So it may not be the most coherent bit I've ever done, but oh well. At least it's something; at this point for me with this degree of writer's block anything's better than nothing.

Greg said...

I like Roberta, she's placid and calm and doesn't take fuss from anyone :) I may just continue your four lines today!

@g2: Writer's block sucks. I'd recommend trying to do more of Eloo's little exercises for a few days and being as silly as you can be with them -- nothing breaks writer's block like writing.

Security Breach (cont'd)

"D'you hear that, Robbie? That ticking?"
Robbie and his brother looked after Roberta who'd paused to chew on a tempting clump of grass.
"Aw crap, Ricky, you think poor ol' Roberta's got herself a case of Death Watch Beetle?"

Monica Manning said...

Just home from vacation so I won't have anything to submit for your prompt, but I wanted to congratulate you on NaNoWriMo. Way to go Marc!

Marc said...

g2 - that seems quite likely, actually. Plus I'm writing a particularly depressing bit of the novel at the moment.

And Greg is right, as usual - write until the block can't take it anymore :)

Greg - haha, nice continuation :)

Monica - welcome back and thanks very much :)