Monday November 2nd, 2009

The exercise:

Your starter for today: breathing room.

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 4,475 (done for the night)
NaNoWriMo Target: 3,334

Maybe tomorrow I'll write something that doesn't involve NaNo. Maybe.


The chase is on
No time to pause
Can't think about
These many flaws

No looking back
As deadlines loom
Just need to find
Some breathing room

It's started well
So far so good
But must keep on
Just as I should

Farewell, farewell
I must be gone
More words to write
Before the dawn


Greg said...

Well, you're building up a nice little buffer zone then, and I do think that's a good idea. The poem today is also good; it's quite impressive to see you writing a novel _and_ a blog _and_ poetry for the blog. Makes me feel quite inadequate. Again. :-P

I actually think Green Lightbulb would make a decent Santa if he get beyond his numerous and sadly obvious character flaws... ;-)

Breathing room

Ours is a strange house,
The rooms have functions
Defined by their names.
So if you want to live,
You go the living room and take some life.
If you want to eat,
You go to the dining room and take some food.
The kitchen is where we keep
All those things from the seventies
That we couldn't bear to part with:
Hawaiian shirts, velour track-suits,
Bakelite phones: all now kitsch.
And when I got angry,
So angry with the world I wanted to explode,
My mother would always send me
To the breathing room.
Cold, chilled air,
(We also kept the milk there)
And a sense of otherworldly
That dissipated anger and gave you time,
Just enough time to see
What you were doing,
And where you were going.

morganna said...

Every once in a while, life moves too fast.
I just need some space, an oasis of peace.
Time to move slow, listen to the quiet
Breath in, breath out, of my own self, breathing.

Marc said...

Greg - I'm actually using my daily writing practice as a warm up for my novel writing each day. It's working pretty well :D

I absolutely bloody adore your poem. I was really enjoying it and then I got to the end and was utterly blown away. I bow down to your brilliance.

Morganna - I feel exactly the same way sometimes :)

I really like your final line. You worded it just right.

morganna said...