Saturday November 21st, 2009

The exercise:

A whole day of resting and writing stretches out before me. Let's see where it takes me.

NaNo Word Count: 43,275
NaNo Target: 35,002

Your prompt for your four line poem this week: feeling guilty.


I read your sad poetry
and wonder why
Such great sadness fell on you
instead of I


Greg said...

Well if you're writing all day you might just reach 50,000 ahead of all the rest of us. Good luck!

Feeling guilty

Snow has fallen for hours on the ground,
And all of the King's nobility
Are shivering and standing around
Looking and feeling guilty.

Marc said...

I seem to be incapable of writing all day. Five minutes here, take a break, five minutes there, take a break. Oh well, it seems to be working.

I quite like your poem, though I'm a touch confused by it as well. Surely they're not guilty that the peasants are freezing while they have warm fireplaces to come home to? That was my first thought, anyway.

Greg said...

Ah no, the intent is that the nobles are responsible for the snow falling and freezing everyone. It's not clear though; it's not a good poem this time round.

Marc said...

Honestly? That was my second reaction to it. I just couldn't remember it when I was typing my reply.

And it's by no means a bad poem; I think the four line restriction was just very limiting this time around. A few more lines would have made it much more clear, I'm sure.