Wednesday November 25th, 2009

The exercise:

Hitting 50k tonight. Will update the numbers later.

Edit: Booyah. Now I just have to finish the story in the next five days. I think I should manage it.

NaNo Word Count: 50,059
NaNo Target: 41,669

Your prompt today: it's been too long.


On my commute to work this morning I got off my bus at the Skytrain station and went up the stairs to the platform level. Once up there I looked to my left and my first reaction was, "What the hell is that?"

I thought someone had setup a spotlight a little ways down the track. It took a few moments to realize that it was just the sun peeking between the horizon and the clouds.

I think we've had a bit too much rain here lately.


Greg said...

Congratulations! Nicely ahead of schedule too (and ahead of most of your writing buddies too I think). And you're right -- the next task is finishing the novel!

Heh, you must have had a lot of rain if you don't recognise the sun when you see it :)

It's been too long

These empty halls,
Home to dust and shadow,
Have listened only to their own
Soporific, sempiternal heartbeat
For far too long.
There's been no laughter here,
No joy,
And I think it's time that changed.
So here and there I run,
Laughing like a little girl at Christmas,
Amused by things I will not share.

These empty halls,
Have been my prison now,
For far too long.
And, teetering on the edge of sanity,
I hear the madness lying in wait
Behind every peal of laughter.
And though my joy upholds my walls,
I think that something crazy has sneaked inside,
Because I don't know why I'm laughing.

morganna said...

It's been too long since I've seen you
It's been too long since I've held you
It's been too long but I'm finally starting
To accept I'll never see you again.
All I'm asking now, tell me please,
How do I live without you?

cross-posted at Lizbeth's Garden

Greg -- spooky. Gave me the chills.

Marc said...

Greg - that was excellent.

Morganna - aw :(

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

My head rests in the cradle of my hand, downhearted. The fingers stroke the closest curls, trying to whisper, "It'll be alright," but it just couldn't sound convincing.

"It's been too long," the hollow tapping of the rubber heeled shoe sighs impatiently. If only it could transfer that tapping to the fingers! How it longed to help those fingers deliver another story, another creation!

Long, limber fingers twitched anxiously. "What can we do?" they cry eagerly. "What can we do?"

The muse, from her distant balcony, looks down on her faithful messengers sadly. She shakes her head, turning away. "I would give you something, if only I had something to give."
- - - - -
Stupid writer's block.

Congrats on reaching 50k, and far ahead schedule too! Woo!

Mulled Vine said...

It's been too long and now I can't change. Years of easy avoidance of the uncomfortable choices have worn a deep groove from which I cannot escape. Mostly that suits me fine, because in case it's not obvious, I hate change, but today it bothers me intensely: the doctor says my choices have been bad, and I will die tomorrow. I'd like to change that but find myself unable to. The seconds tick by inevitably, mocking my inability to do anything with my life's dying breaths but wait in my now very uncomfortable groove.